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Studio Stride

Let’s stride towards
brighter, more just future.
Together, we design change.


We are Studio Stride and we welcome you to our platform dedicated to addressing and confronting the critical issues that have long lingered within the design industry. We are a community of advocates, professionals, and visionaries committed to shedding light on the complex challenges of racism, classism, sexism, and barriers faced by graduates seeking entry into this creative sphere.

Studio Stride orginiated from research highlighting to me that the path to becoming a part of the design industry is riddled with unseen hurdles that can be particularly daunting for those who are underrepresented or marginalised.

The prevalence of racism, classism, and sexism within the industry casts a shadow over the aspirations of many, making the ascent to success an even steeper climb.

As a result of these challenges, countless creative minds find their potential stifled, their dreams deferred, and their voices unheard. The design industry loses out on a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives and innovative ideas that these emerging talents could bring to the table.

This is where Studio Stride steps in, with a commitment to change and inclusivity. Through a satircal printed pack & a informative website we hope to promote an open dialogue around these issues, allowing real change to happen within our industry.