I’m Elen Megan 
A graphic designer from
South Wales with a passion 
for branding & merchandise design.

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Studio Stride

Brand Creation, Print, Branding, Web Design, Editorial


Introducing “Studio Stride” a campaign group dedicated to shedding light on the issues within the design industry.  Their  mission is clear: to initiate an open dialogue, foster awareness, and drive transformative action that paves the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse design ecosystem.

Through a dedicated website and printed pack Studio Stride aims to highlight these issues in a light-hearted way. In turn making a heavy topic easier to discuss!

Find out more about this project here

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Scouse Angels

Brand Creation, Apparel, Print, Branding, 


“Scouse Angels” is a colloborative project focusing on night-life safety for students in the Merseyside area. Scouse Angels is a student led answer to night life safety concerns, created by students it addresses the issues that actually effect students.

Through a campaign and a  student safety pack, we can deliver support and information on this topic in a straightforward, gender inclusive format. 

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Brand Creation, Apparel, Website Design, Print, Branding, Editorial 


Introducing “Gaze” – a captivating project showcasing the female gaze. Through a beautifully crafted printed pack and immersive website, this project educates and enlightens about the significance of this perspective in today’s media.

“Gaze” aims to elevate the female voice, urging reflection on its personal meaning to the viewer. Through sparking conversations and promoting inclusivity, it becomes a tool for appreciating diverse perspectives in our media.

Find out more about this project here

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Cadillac  is a t-shirt design for Sophie May! This was designed using lyrics and imagery from her song ‘Cadillac’.

After posting this on my social media, I was contacted by Sophie May’s record label who purchased the design to be used at a small run of her shows during November 


Desert Islands and Other Tex

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